Blog - Importing M3U playlists in iTunes :'(

Added on Sunday, 2011-07-31 09:46 CEST in category Programming
A few days ago, after a laptop format, I had the pleasure of reinstalling iTunes (version It had somehow remembered my apps, podcasts and playlists, except the playlists were all empty… I fortunately had a backup, but for one reason or another, iTunes decided upon importing the playlists (standard .m3u format), that they were in fact all empty.

Now this seems to be a common, problem for iTunes, with some solutions. None of them worked.

However, the thread on MacWorld did lead me to my solution: just replace all backslashes with forward slashes. I kid you not. So in the hopes it may help somebody else out, the accepted format was something like:
#EXTINF:100,Song Title - Artist
C:/!home/mp3/Genre/Artist/Song Title.mp3
(Also, the format exported by iTunes uses backslashes, which it refuses to import. Go figure…)


Try changing the format of your .m3u playlist in as many ways as you can, including with our without #EXTM3U/#EXTINF lines. Some examples:
#EXTINF:100,Song Title - Artist
C:\!home\mp3\Genre\Artist\Song Title.mp3
\!home\mp3\Genre\Artist\Song Title.mp3
C:/!home/mp3/Genre/Artist/Song Title.mp3
/!home/mp3/Genre/Artist/Song Title.mp3
/volumes/C/!home/mp3/Genre/Artist/Song Title.mp3