Blog - Google Maps shortcuts on iOS

Added on Sunday, 2016-01-03 22:55 CET in categories Programming, Traveling
Since I started driving to work, I found myself regularly inputting the same data into the Google Maps app, which became tedious. Instead of using Apple Maps through Siri, I decided to figure out how to launch routes in Google Maps more effectively.

It's possible to launch native iOS applications using URL schemes, e.g. using Google's comgooglemaps://. I thought about creating a bookmark in Safari, but as soon as I opened such a link, Safari would launch Google Maps (great), but delete the link (not so great), so I couldn't bookmark it.

I then stumbled upon the iPhone Configuration Utility, which allows you to create a so-called Web Clip, which shows up as an icon on the home screen, and can launch any URL you indicate. The resulting file is a simple XML file, so after a bit of fiddling around you can now create your own Google Maps shortcuts too.

Try it out (on iOS)!