Blog - Mass exporting iTunes playlists

Added on Wednesday, 2015-08-26 23:00 CEST in category Programming
After finally getting iTunes to import my playlists a while back, I thought it'd be a good idea to tackle the problem of exporting them. It's possible to export them one by one, but with ~60 playlists this quickly gets tedious… I found a few solutions online, but they were either Mac only, or required Java or Adobe AIR. Instead of searching further, I thought I'd write something myself.

iTunes exposes quite some of its functionality using Windows's Component Object Model (COM), and with the help of its documentation half the work was pretty much done :)

(This of course wouldn't be Microsoft if everything worked flawlessly from the start. Windows uses this encoding called "Unicode", by which Microsoft actually means UTF-16. It's either that, or ASCII. You simply cannot open a file using UTF-8 encoding, without resorting to ActiveX Data Objects.)

You can find the script on the scripts page.