Blog - Permanent residence permit! (3)

Added on Monday, 2012-01-16 19:31 CET in category Moscow
Half an hour it took me. Just half an hour. I'm spotting a trend here :)

This morning I went to pick up my long-awaited permanent residence permit (PRP). I'd been there in December, about 5 months after having handed in the application, and was told it wouldn't be done any sooner than 6 months after I had handed in the application. By law it's not supposed to take any longer than that either :)

Last Saturday exactly half a year had passed, so I went to check again. My name was on the list (yes, that's how you check if it's done, you go there and check the list…), so we got in line with two other people coming to collect their PRP. We were called in only minutes later, and within half an hour I was back out with my precious PRP in the pocket! :)