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Added on Thursday, 2012-09-06 14:06 CEST in category Prague
A few months ago my wife, who had been working on Axe at Unilever for Central and Eastern Europe, was offered the possibility to relocate to Prague. She had already lived there earlier in her life, and the last few years we both have been there quite regularly.

Although I like my life in Moscow, we decided that moving back to Europe would be better for us. Prague is of course a lot closer to the Netherlands, so it's a lot easier to visit my home country. Also, life in general is a lot cheaper here, and we will get to travel a lot around Central Europe :) However, we'll mainly be able to build a home again. With Moscow having mortgage rates of 15-20%, real estate itself also being crazily expensive, and it being practically impossible to ship in household effects (with an import levy of around € 4 per kilogram…), that just wasn't doable there.

So, Prague! :) We hope to be able to move into our very own flat here within a month, and finally have a home again. Feel free to come give us a visit once we're all set up and done! And otherwise you'll be sure to see us again in the Netherlands and Moscow from time to time. I still work at Yandex after all, so especially in Moscow you'll be able to find me quite regularly still.