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Added on Thursday, 2012-09-27 20:03 CEST in category Prague
Being used to Russian petrol prices (about € 0.65/liter) and suddenly having to fork over more than double that in Prague, we thought it'd be better to make use of public transport as much as we can. And does public transport work well here!

Buses, trams and subway trains work like clockwork. If the schedule says 17:21, it's gonna be 17:21, not seldomly to the second. And although public transport in itself works really well, there're two things that make it even better: Opencard and IDOS for iPhone.

Opencard can be used for a number of services in Prague, but so far I've only used it for public transport. You pay about € 20 per month, and can then make unlimited use of public transport!

IDOS for iPhone is a travel planner for the Czech Republic, with some international support as well, which neatly shows you the planned route on the map, so you're sure to never miss your stop. Also, if you decide not to use Opencard, you can buy the appropriate electronic ticket for your journey by SMS. Pretty handy, all in all :)