Blog - Residence permit

Added on Monday, 2010-01-11 20:00 CET in category Moscow
Today my wife and I started the process of obtaining my temporary residence permit. Hello bureaucracy :)

I need:
  1. Passport;
  2. Copy of immigration card and registration paper;
  3. A health certificate;
  4. Marriage certificate;
  5. Statement of conduct;
  6. Request form, two copies;
  7. 400 rubles (about € 10).
Doesn't sound like too much. But then:
A health certificate can only be obtained after a skin check, tuberculosis check and drug check. All in different locations of course. And Russian hospitals in winter mainly mean one thing: long lines. (This is partly because Russian health care is free, meaning old people go there out of boredom. In summer it's apparently better.)

Passport, health certificate, marriage certificate and statement of conduct all have to be translated and notarized. The 400 rubles have to be paid in some local bank, the deposit receipt counts as proof of payment.

Still sounds doable. We'll see :)