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Added on Saturday, 2010-09-11 22:59 CEST in category Moscow
Ever since I got to Moscow I've been on a quest to find decent milk, because that just happens to be what the Dutch drink a lot. I must've tried 20 different brands, if not more, and all of them have this typical aftertaste from ultra heat treatment (UHT)… Dutch milk on the other hand is usually processed using flash pasteurization (HTST), which maintains flavor a lot better. (Like my cousin once said, for this very reason, "I don't drink milk abroad.")

The one exception I've found so far is fresh, unprocessed milk from the local market, but even this milk doesn't quite cut it. The reason my very well be the cows themselves. Today we visited the milk exhibition at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre, where they had the cow below:

Russian cow

Compare that to a random Dutch cow:

Dutch cow

Apparently, the average Dutch cow produces 25-30 liters of milk per day. And then when they get old, or just don't produce that much milk anymore, Russia can have them. So I suppose I can add milk to my list of Dutch food I just have to have when I get back to the Netherlands :)