Blog - The Dutch islands: Terschelling

Added on Sunday, 2015-10-04 12:55 CEST in categories Netherlands, Traveling
Way up in the north of the Netherlands lie the Wadden Islands, enclosing the Wadden Sea. My mom regularly visits one of the islands, Terschelling, and this time invited us to come too.

On the map the Netherlands look like quite a small country, but it still took us about 5 hours to get there: first by train, then by ferry. (It's faster to drive to Paris :P) We hired bikes and off we were:

EbbWest-TerschellingGroene strand

We cycled along the shore, which during ebb half looks like you can just walk back to the mainland. (This so-called wadlopen ("mudflat hiking") is actually possible!)

This wouldn't be the Netherlands if we didn't also come across some forest, some heath, some fields, some horses, and some dikes :P

ForestHeathFields HorsesCycling along the dikeSheep on a dike

We've had a great relaxing weekend with my mom, enjoying the local cranberry delicacies, enjoying a walk on the beach, and visiting Terschelling's wildly varying nature.