Blog - Work permit! (2)

Added on Monday, 2011-08-22 17:36 CEST in category Moscow
I got my new work permit! :) For some silly reason, while a temporary residence permit is issued for three years, work permits are still issued for one year only. After remembering the horrible lines when getting it the first time last year (standing in line at 5:00 in the morning, a cramped office with too many people pushing, unhelpful staff, the usual), I dreaded having to go prolong it myself…

Fortunately, a month or two back, HR at Yandex contacted me and told me they just needed some documents from me, because they'd be the ones prolonging my work permit. Great! Today I could come pick it up, just in time, as my old one was about to expire in two days. Also, with that, my contract was prolonged!

To top it off, I'll be done with work permits forever here in Russia, because in a few months I'll have my permanent residence permit, having which you do no longer need a work permit. The longer I live here, the easier all this red tape becomes, it seems :) Fingers crossed!