Blog - PSP Tone Generator v0.2

Added on Wednesday, 2010-06-09 20:42 CEST in category Programming
For frequencies above about 2.5kHz, version 0.1 of the PSP Tone Generator experienced a rapid tick, caused by timing issues when filling the sound buffer. Seems that, although the mutex works better than the PSP's semaphores, it still wasn't quite enough.

Although technically this mutual exclusion between writing to the buffer and reading from it is a good idea, in practice it works well enough without. That's why in version 0.2 the mutex has been dropped. However, be aware that this means that with several tones at high frequencies, the button input response can become slow or even unresponsive!

Changes to version 0.1 are:
  • Support for three simultaneous tones instead of five;
  • Extended tone range from 20Hz to 20kHz;
  • Tighter timing/overlap with button input.